Interview With Gary Roen

Where do you get your inspiration?

From people I meet or come in contact with or news stories that prompt me to write something.  For instance, my story S Mode began when I sat in a restaurant and overheard a woman talking about how over tired, she was. Or in my collection Slotski’s World I saw on the news a report about a husband and wife who returned home to find their house completely gone thus the story Traces

Can you tell me a little about each book?

Journey is a series of short stories of science fiction I have written through the years that are in the mode of the Twilight Zone with many twists of endings.  Slotski’s World is a second set of stories with my teddy bear character who has special abilities that help people in unique situations.   

What inspires you to write?

I get an idea and work it through to become a story.  I am influenced by many different things but feel I can tell a story because I have been a book critic for so long that I always said. I can do my own

Tell me about how you got started as a writer.

I wrote poetry for many publications back in the 1970’s then branched out to short stories.  I published a book of poetry Look At Me World that sold very well.  Later I worked for several publishing companies learning the business from many different angles.  I later became a book critic then went back to college at UCF with a bachelors in writing.

When did you first publish? How did publishing make you feel?

My first book was 1976 Look At Me World and I felt fantastic like I had delivered a child.  I have to say I get the same felling every time I see the hard copy edition. 

What advice can you give future authors?

Keep writing, take courses, get involved in writing groups, go to writer events and conventions of all genres in your area.

What was the easiest book for you to write?

Look At Me World because, I wrote all of them in a class of logic I had at Valencia Community College when I had a very boring professor who otherwise would have put me to sleep. 

What was the hardest?

The Forgotten Father Coping With Grief because of the subject matter of the death of a child and what happens to a father

What is your biggest challenge as you’re writing?

To not use the same words throughout the work.  The example I use is And But and Suddenly too many times on a page like Danielle Steel. 

What do you think of promoting your work? Do you find it easy or hard?

I love promoting my work to gain new readers and I have no problem partially because I was a book salesman promotions director for several publishing companies for so long

How would you describe your writing style to people who have never read your work?

I have been told by readers my short stories read like Twilight Zone, Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheson which I take as a compliment.  The poetry has been compared to E E Cummings. I believe because I do not capitalize, punctuate, or I have words that are combined.  

How supportive is your family of your books?

My family is other writers and they are very supportive in many different ways. 

Have you ever had anybody in your life ever try to discourage you from writing? How did you cope?

Yes Mrs. Cox at Boone High School.  I think it was a good thing because I was more determined to be a writer after being in her class

Do you have a team that helps with your writing process and promotions?

Yes, Gabriel Vaughn and the staff of Legacy Book Publishing and other writers who give me feedback

How many drafts do you write before you are pleased enough to publish?

I know it is too many to count because there are plenty of pages in the trash can.  I like to see it in print not just on the computer.

Are any of your books in audio? If not, is it something you eventually want?

Not in audio at this time but would love to have it as I was on Ron’s Amazing Stories where it was done and it sounded fantastic

What are some of your favorite books and authors?

Richard Matheson, Button Button short story and others Donald E. Westlake, The Hot Rock Ian Fleming, James Bond novels Ray Bradbury, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Fredrick Brown, Martians Go Home, Robert B. Parker, Spenser Novels

Can you tell us about some of your upcoming books?

Another collection of science fiction short stories so far one day I may try to do a novel but for now am happy as a clam doing the short fiction.  Maybe in the future another collection of poetry.  I am also working on a children’s book.  Have to wait and see how that one turns out.

Where can we find you on social media?

I am on Face Book, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Readers can contact me at any of those places or my e mail address of thank you for this interview. 

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