Tricky Twenty-Two by Janet Evanovich Book Review

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I could put this right up there with some of my favorite books of all times! Well, for this series anyways. Outside this series, the tops are just too hard to choose! But that’s another story. This was the normal roller coaster that is Stephanie’s world. It’s less dramatic these days than it used to be. I just take that to mean she’s getting more experienced.

Who couldn’t love this vivacious characters? We have Stephanie who tries her best. She’s under a lot of pressure to meet expectations though. We have Lula who’s going to be who she wants to be despite what people think. We have Grandma Maazur who’s just a hoot and a half! Then we have the wonderful and fearless Ranger and Morrelli. I will gladly call either of these my book boyfriends any day. The other characters are just as great. Some could use more book time. Just saying.

I really enjoy this series. I can’t get enough of it. I reread the first several because I’d forgotten where I left off. I’m so glad I did. I definitely didn’t remember half of what was going on. I remembered the characters. I’m still floored that Rex is still alive! A hamster!! It’s just insane!

Start out with book one here:

One For The Money

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