Top Secret Twenty-One by Janet Evanovich Book Review

I started to feel like this series was going downhill during the teen books. It seemed like the author was running out of ideas and getting bored with the characters. They weren’t horrible books. It just didn’t match up to the start of the series. The series is beginning to picking back up. I’m falling back in love with the series. Well, I didn’t really fall fully out of love with this series. It’s still one of my favorites of all times.

I will always love the characters in this series. I want more books with Mooner in them. He is my favorite characters in all the series. And let’s be honest, Ranger is definitely book boyfriend material. Meow. Grandma Mazuur and Lula always manage to bring chaos to the story. One of the biggest reasons I love them so much! I also wish Stephanie’s parents played a bigger role in the series.

I will always recommend this series. It’s witty and hilarious! It’s your normal mystery/thriller but with a lot of humor. I’m excited to keep reading this series. I’m ashamed to admit I put this series down for awhile. I’m making up for it now though!

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