Interview With Laura Hawks

Where do you get your inspiration?

Everywhere. Certain things I see or overhear just get me thinking about something that inspires a full story or a scene.

Can you tell me a little about each book?

Demon Trilogy: The journey of a stone from the moment it gets into a new guardians hands (who is also a werewolf) and the demon hunter who helps her protect the stone. The first book is her story, the second his where you also find out who has been manipulating the events to obtain the stone and the third is what the final conclusion to the stone and it’s protectors are.

Spirit Walker Series: Each book is a stand alone and each have Native American History and Culture, with each being a different tribe. The first “Shifter’s Hope” An Ojibwa is accused of a crime he doesn’t remember committing and has to clear his name or he and the woman he loves is put to death. “Shifter’s Pride” Is Commanche/Kiowa detectives who realize with modern technology that a series of murders which have been occurring since World War Two are becoming more prevalent and is one of their own. They need to catch the killer before he finds them or humans find him. “Shifter’s Journey” is a modern newspaper woman accidentally travels back in time and gets involved with the Cheyenne at the turn of the 20th Century. She becomes attracted to two different men in the past as she tries to find her way back to the future and uncovers the mysterious disappearances of the Harvey Girls.

Gumshoe and the Mysterious Mushrooms: Think Nancy Drew meets Sabrina the Witch with “Salem” being a reincarnated 1940’s private eye who is going to help solve the mysteries. The first is the intro of the characters, especially Mia, the 15 year old new witch and her familiar, Gumshoe, a Siamese cat.

Flaming Retribution: Serial Arsonist becomes an attempted murder as he goes after a romance writer and a male dancer who is also a volunteer fireman.

Ghost and the Grimoire: Civil War Confederate Ghost has to deal with a New York Yankee 150 years after his death when she moves into the home he occupies as part of an inheritance, starting a civil war within the house.

Egyptian Destiny: The Egyptian Goddess of Good and Judgement has her feather stolen and Anubis’ Commander in Chief of his Armies works with a modern Archeologist to recover the feather before the dead spill into the human realm and Chaos rules the world.

Snow White and the Seven Cannibals: A different take on Snow White with the dwarves not being very nice and the Prince being a Lion Shifter.

What inspires you to write?

The fans, being able to tell stories.

Tell me about how you got started as a writer.

By accident really. I run a role play group on Facebook and a couple of my members are published. A few years ago they asked me to be a part of an anthology because they liked my writing. Long story short, the publisher who was doing the anthology didn’t want my short story, but another published author showed her publisher the story and that publisher wanted it as a novel and I’ve not stopped since.

When did you first publish? How did publishing make you feel?

2012 with Demon’s Kiss. Words can’t describe how I felt holding my first book in my hands. It was a huge accomplishment, a sense of validation, extreme excitement and a bit of being nervous that no one would like it.

What advice can you give future authors?

Don’t give up and finish writing whatever you are working on. It can’t be published if you feel it’s never done.

What was the easiest book for you to write?

Flaming Retribution… I went to see a Male Club in Las Vegas and when I left, the story sort of wrote itself.

What was the hardest?

The one I’m currently doing… the follow up of Flaming Retribution entitled Stalking the Stalker… I’m concerned this one is not as good as the other stuff I’ve written

What is your biggest challenge as you’re writing?

Research. Since I want to make them as real as possible and include history and culture within my novels, research takes a lot of writing time.

What do you think of promoting your work? Do you find it easy or hard?

Very difficult. I’ve never been one to try and “sell” myself and my books are an extension of me. I always fear I’m being forceful where I’m not really wanted.

How would you describe your writing style to people who have never read your work?

I write in third person and hope to give the reader a feeling as if they are there watching as scenes unfold.

How supportive is your family of your books?

They were very supportive. Always having the first book printed, always wanting to know what I was currently working on, helping with title names or choosing a book cover. Unfortunately, I have no siblings, and my mother and aunts are all deceased, so I don’t have that support any longer. That has been the hardest thing to overcome and every day it’s a challenge to deal with.

Have you ever had anybody in your life ever try to discourage you from writing? How did you cope?

No. I’ve been lucky that way.

Do you have a team that helps with your writing process and promotions?

I do now. I just hired a PA to help and I use a couple of different promotions company when I have a new release to help get the word out.

How many drafts do you write before you are pleased enough to publish?

Depends on the book. Usually three or four, then another after beta reads, the editors suggestions will be another one and then if there are anything in ARC’s comments I need to address… so I guess between 5-7.

Are any of your books in audio? If not, is it something you eventually want?

Yes. I have one at this time. The Ghost and the Grimoire. I’d like to have others, but I think I want to do them myself, and just haven’t had the time.

What are some of your favorite books and authors?

I enjoy books by

Agatha Christie.. favorite is And Then There Were None (For Mysteries)

Ed McBain… favorite is the 87th Precinct novels (For Crime/police books)

Graham Masterston… favorite is The Djinn (For Horror. The Djinn still sends shivers down my spine and I read it decades ago.

Sherrilyn (Used to be Kenyon) … Favorite is the Were-Hunter/Dark Hunter Series (For Paranormal Romance)

Kahilil Gibrahn: For insight and thoughts (Greatest Works I guess would be the one.)

O’Henry… I love his twisted short stories.

Can you tell us about some of your upcoming books?

Currently working on:

Stalking the Stalker: A Valley View Mystery… (Second in my Contemporary Mystery/Suspense Series)

                A famous actor arrives in Valley View and is harassed by his biggest fan. However, there are many secrets this fan is holding, some of which can destroy the actors reputation. How can he stop her from spreading what she knows? He doesn’t have to worry long when his stalker turns up dead.

Shifter’s Dance: Death at the PowWow (Fourth in the Spirit Walkers Mysteries/Suspense Series)

                Murder takes place when all the “gifted” bands of the Spirit Walker Tribes get together for a PowWow in South Dakota

Arien’s Tale: The MerMan and the Pirates (Second in the Shatter Fairytales Series)

                Think the Little Mermaid reversed meeting Pirates.

Gumshoe and the Deadly Quincera (Second in the YA Gumshoe Mysteries)

                Death at a Quincera celebration and more surprising details in Gumshoe’s background.

Where can we find you on social media?


Facebook Fan group: Hawks Flock :


Twitter: @AuthorLHawks

Amazon Author Page:

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