First Book Chat With Amber Anthony

How long did it take you to write your first book?

In 2014, we wrote RISE in about four months. It published with a Canadian publisher, Forevermore. It was great until the publisher folded and we were treated kindly with our full rights back. 

It took us much longer to shop agents and publishing houses. On May 30th, 2017 after it was re-edited and given a new cover it was published as Blood Rising, because we had plot bunnies for books two and three.

What inspired you to start writing?

I traveled to London for a fan convention in 2009. I met an online friend in 2007 and we were due to travel Hampton Court and other London tourist spots. The morning after Hampton Court, I woke with a dream about an immortal, created by Henry VIII’s physicians. Nancy Reynolds had been a writer in the days of typewriters so we chatted about writing screenplays.

We wrote a dozen or so screenplays and after two women in their 50’s were invisible in Los Angeles, we decided to write romance novels.

How many drafts did you do before you felt it was ready to publish?

How many numbers are there??? Ha! 

Actually we write it. Let it sit 7-10 days. Edit it with Grammarly, send it to our Betas. Send it to our Developmental Editor and then finish it off with a 2-5 days simmering period. So, about seven?

How did publishing for the first time ever make you feel?

Extremely proud of our working together to produce ‘the book’.  My collaborating Author, Nancy has mad skills and I was new at this. The book process keeps educating me and I feel more confident every week. My background had been in advertising sales so extended creativity like writing is exhilarating.

How different would you say the writing and publishing process is for you now than it was then?

I am breathing easier with each book. At first I sputtered like the asthmatic I am! Now we can go from the first words to formatting the paperbacks smoothly in a few months.

We were initially with a publisher who did not pay us. Our eBooks were not published as we approved them. We were anxious to get to that 1 year date to seize our print rights. 

Since September, 2018 I have formatted six paperbacks (our entire catalog) and worked with Nancy to write and publish Becoming Gabriel (10/2018)  Roman’s Revenge (07/2019.

How many books have you published since then? 

Five more published, with two actively being written and about 4 more in the preliminary stages.

4 paranormal erotic romances

1 contemporary urban romance 

1 action/adventure military romance.

We are working on the second book of the Action Adventure Series, Roman’s Rules as well as a PNR, Arise my Darling, about a man and women meeting on an astral plane. Their relationship is complicated and there is ghostly route to his rescuing her.  

These two should be published by the end of 2019.

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